‘You see but you do not observe’

It happens to me every day. I’m hurrying towards my classroom trying to evade the raindrops and in my mind I’m miles away thinking about the warmth of the building and I’m thinking of things to say to my friends once I finally, finally reach the building. But then I hit a wall inside my head. It puts me to a halt and makes me see things. I wouldn’t forget about what I’d been thinking earlier, but it just wouldn’t matter all that much anymore. Suddenly I notice that I’m cold and that my breath makes these clouds when it leaves my mouth and that my lips feel dry even though it’s raining. I notice that the leaves of the trees are dripping, that there are puddles on the pavement. I see the circles in them when a drop hits the surface. When my mind hits that wall I start noticing things, and I like that.

I am certainly happy that a mental wall that tells me to stop thinking exists within me. I can’t imagine living hurried and unconnected to the world. I’m grateful that sometimes my own body is smart enough to let me know it’s time to stop thinking. I’ve always tried to see the things beautiful and unusual around me, but I’ve failed more than I’ve succeeded with that. Because it takes effort to actively notice things around you all the time and I don’t always feel like putting in much effort.

Do you try and notice things around you? I’ve experienced it can help you see things more as they truly are. You can find something beautiful in everything around you, if you just try. Doing just that might make you feel more part of this world. And I know I’m not the only one spending too much time on my laptop and the internet, so perhaps you could try it once. I dare you to make yourself stop thinking once this week. Maybe, when you’re just like me trying to avoid bad weather or you’re hurrying somewhere, you could focus on something you notice. Something pretty or something not at all that pretty. Try and really see it.

Maybe that old tree at your left hand has really lovely patterns in its leaves. It’s probably seen some awful weather over the years. Can you imagine that same tree as a sapling? How much has it grown over the years!

Or perhaps that ugly office building down the street. Don’t you think it’s weird that behind every window there’s someone working behind a desk? People who will leave the building in the evening and then all those empty desks will be quiet, unoccupied, resting. And there’s not just one window, but dozens of them! Each containing a different person and another story.

If you try to observe and imagine, there will be nothing ordinary about the world anymore. I like that. It spikes my creativity. I make up stories about everything I see, I only need that timely reminder to do that, to really see things and then continue imagining about them.

I’d love to know if you try and actively see things the way I do. Do you make up stories about random things you run into? Do you take time to observe? Leave a comment below to tell me!

Until next time,


(‘You see but you do not observe’ – Sherlock (BBC, Steven Moffat)

Image source: http://www.neavelawncare.com/floridas-rainy-season-is-ending-now-what/ )


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