Trusting YouTubers

If you are active on YouTube, Tumblr or Twitter you must have come across the news about the accusation of a couple of Youtubers of abuse. I won’t name these guys because I don’t feel I know enough about them and I certainly do not want to add to the rumours and the stress these accusations have caused. I do want tell you about my reaction when I heard of this because it had quite a big impact on me.

My first reaction upon hearing the news was disgust. I wanted to unsubscribe from the ones I was following and do like the others did, wail about how bad and awful and disgusting these people where. Of course this is not an acceptable reaction. I tried to take a step back and get more information on this matter. You shouldn’t (I shouldn’t have) made a conclusion based on one piece of information and one source. While I read a couple more blog posts on Tumblr about the accusations and the feelings of the victims and other people with a view on the matter it became clear to me that there is more than one side of this story. Some people were blatantly lying and some others were trying to make it ok. There were so many conflicting views that I started to believe everyone was lying. That’s when I stopped reading.

I’d completely lost trust in the people of the internet, some of who I see as friends. Who are you to trust if everyone is trying to get his or hers opinion out in the open for everyone to see? How do you know the person is showing who he or she really is on camera and not abusing someone behind the scenes? And how do you know if these victims are actually abused or just trying to get attention? You will probably never be able to tell. I’m the kind of girl to believe in the good in people. I want to give everyone a second chance. I decided to discard the matter for now. That does not mean I’m ignoring it. I’m not unsubscribing from these YouTubers yet, I’m gathering more information and I’m trying to keep my opinions to myself as long as it’s not clear who has done what. Some accused YouTubers have posted blogs that they are truly sorry and very ashamed. I decided to believe them, give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

I’m still having a hard time with this entire situation especially because it’s still an ongoing business. I’m trying to keep my faith in these people though. I’ve been watching some of them for quite some time and it is therefore quite hard to believe that they aren’t turning out to be those people. If it turns out they have done what they have been accused of, I will most likely unsubscribe. Because abuse is wrong, in all situations and in every condition. All I can do for now, all we can do, is wait for the truth.

I will look different to every YouTuber from now on. I will not put them on a pedestal anymore and it will certainly take a longer time for them to gain my trust. There are still some YouTubers I do trust and am certain of them being good people. But any new YouTuber I’ll follow in the future will have to do with lesser trust on my side. How do you feel about the image on top of this post? Have you noticed these posts on Tumblr? Did you, like me, always trust YouTubers on their word?

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Evil Baby Orphanage – A Game Review

Sorry I didn’t upload yesterday guys, I had had some exams and afterwards I wasn’t really in the mood to write. Today I’ll be reviewing a game called Evil Baby Orphanage made by Wyrd Games. I’d heard about this game through the Vlogbrothers YouTube channel and it seemed just awesome. I’ll tell you a bit about the story behind the game, the game dynamics, the cards design and my overall opinion.

In a very early Vlogbrothers video (still called Brotherhood 2.0 back then) Hank and John Green talked about the idea of travelling back in time to try and stop evil baby Hitler growing up to be evil adult Hitler. But, here’s the dilemma, would you kill it? Killing babies is quite an evil thing. So they figured, it’d be better to open up an orphanage for evil babies and make sure they didn’t grow up to be evil any more. This idea became very popular among the subscribers of John and Hank Green and years later this game was created. I think the video originated from 2007 and this game became public in 2012. There is a Nerdfighter wiki page for more detailed information about the history of this project.

When I found out this idea was transformed into a game I was excited right away. Just the title sounds awesome to me! I’ve played this game for the first time about one month ago and decided to buy it almost immediately after. The game is not the easiest to start on for a beginning gamer (as  I am) but once you’ve picked up the basic rules it’s actually quite easy and a whole lot of fun.

You have three kinds of cards in this game: Evil baby cards, toys cards and action cards. The evil babies have different kinds of qualities, you have for example biter babies and bully babies. The baby will act on these qualities during your turn! These actions can be great things like taking a toy card from someone else or bad things like giving away a baby. This makes the game really fast and hard to win because each turn you lose and gain a lot of cards! The goal is to win the game by having a total points of 10 (each baby has a point count on its card). I’m not going into detail about all the rules of the game and how to play exactly because there’s a really great Evil Baby Orphanage website which can explain any questions. I hope you at least have a little bit of an idea about how this game works.

The card design is really great. Each card pictures either an Evil Baby, Toy or Action and they are just so cool. Every baby is drawn to represent the actions that made them evil or the typical way they looked, imagine a baby Hitler with a small moustache. The babies are somehow cute and evil at the same time.

The game offers some nice expansion packs too. I especially like the Nerdfighter Expansion Pack because the cards offer a new look on some famous Youtubers and Nerdfighter related jokes.

I think this game is really great because of its fast dynamics, the card design and the fun you have with your friends when you’ve found a particular creepy evil baby. I’m still waiting on my copy of this game to arrive, but I highly recommend it to anyone. I know what I’ll be doing with my friends once I finally have my hands on some cards….

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