My Youtube Favs

Since I watch youtube videos almost every day, I’d like to share some of my favorite youtube video bloggers, or vloggers for short. I hope you enjoy them!


Kristina Horner

This vlogger is a nerdy girl, just like me, who talks about all kinds of topics. She discusses books, her lifestyle, events she attends and delightfully nerdy goodies.



This channel is the foundation for one of the biggest communities you’ll find on youtube, and it’s called nerdfighteria. As someone who is part of this community, a nerdfighter, you will actively try to decrease World Suck. It’s a very unique channel with the most loyal fanbase I’ve ever experienced. I’m very proud to call myself a Nerdfighter.


Hayley G. Hoover

Hayley is a witty, strong person who stands up for women and has some very interesting opinions. She is also extremely funny.


Micheal Aranda

Mr. Aranda is very talented in editing his videos. Each of his videos are shot perfectly or tell a story you will love. I look forward to his videos on a daily basis, although he doesn’t upload as scheduled as many youtubers do.

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