Valueing Valentine’s Day

So I kind of forgot about writing yesterday and today, so this blog will be a bit messier than my other blog posts so far. I hope you don’t mind.

I think it’s very hard to  forget or try to ignore that today is Valentine’s day. I’m not even going to try to ignore it. This post will be about what I think of this red and pink day.

When I was a bit younger, say 15 or so, I hated Valentine’s day. I was the kind of girl who wanted roses and cards but never received them. My friends back then send each other cards, but I don’t really remember getting them myself. Maybe I’ve forgotten about it, but I’m pretty sure I never got a card or rose. I’m also fairly sure I’m not the only one who never received anything. When I was 15 it was hard and it made me sad. I valued Valentine’s day too much. Maybe it was because things like that matter when you’re teenager, eager for attention and appreciation.

I’m 19 now and even though I realized today was Valentine’s day, I think I only really noticed twice today. The first time when I got a coupon for 1 + 1 free coffee on my way to the subway, and the second time when my friends sent me ‘happy valentine’s day’ messages. I accepted the coupon with grace and sent some messages back to my friends and that’s pretty much my Valentine’s day. I understand some people bicker about the meaning of Valentine’s day and the consumerism it portrays but I don’t think that’s what they are really complaining about. They are thinking about their 15 year old selves who never received any cards. They are thinking about the days they thought Valentine’s day was important and that it was crucial to at least get roses or cards.

I have grown out of that mind-set a long time ago and moved on. The people who still feel self-conscious about this may need to reconsider why they are angry or upset. Isn’t Valentine’s day traditionally a nice day? It’s a day much like Thanksgiving in my opinion. It’s about appreciating the ones you love and actually saying it out loud or showing it to them. I spend Valentine’s day appreciating my friends. My best friend and I sent each other cards this year. I love her and she loves me and we don’t say it too often. We took the chance to say it out loud and not feel self-conscious or awkward about it. It may not be the targeted romance for this day, but love is love right?

Valentine’s day means something different for almost everyone. Do you feel it’s useless consumerism? Do you think it’s a wonderful day full of love? Did you send someone a card? Let me know in the comment section!

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